95% of time slots are delivered on time: interview with Elliott Royer, Transport Project Manager at Vente-unique

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Kardinal supports Vente-unique in digitizing and optimizing their business operations. As an e-commerce website specialized in furniture and decoration, Vente-unique optimizes its urban delivery planning with the help of Kardinal’s software solution.

Elliott Royer, Transport Project Manager at Vente-unique, answered our questions to share with us how this project was made possible.

Kardinal: Hello Elliott, can you introduce yourself and Vente-unique?

Elliott Royer: Hello, I’m Elliott Royer, Transport Project Manager at Vente-unique.com. The company was founded about 15 years ago and is a pure player in the furniture industry. We deliver over 2 million customers in 11 European countries from our 80,000 sqm warehouse in Amblainville in the Ile-de-France region in France.

We launched Vente-unique Delivery in June 2022 with 4 trucks and 8 drivers (2 driver crews per route) to deliver our 50 to 60 daily orders in the Ile-de-France region.

K: How was the project set up with Kardinal?

ER: Vente-unique has partnered with Kardinal and Everest, two French tech companies. Kardinal provides powerful optimization algorithm thanks to its reliable traffic data based on several years of data history. Our second partner Everest will plug into this algorithm to display the results of the routes on its TMS interface and on the driver’s app.

Our flow pilot, who was already in charge of shipping orders using our various carriers, is now also in charge of optimizing the routes of our in-house fleet using Kardinal’s software solution. Every day, it takes the software about 15 to 20 minutes to optimize the routes. The solution is quick and easy to use and its optimizations are extremely reliable.

We found Kardinal’s system to be flexible and adapted to our very specific needs. Indeed, furniture delivery is very complex, given the diversity of services. Kardinal was very helpful throughout the project: from the workshops to define our needs to implementing the solution. After 6 months of collaboration, we are now working on a few developments to further refine our optimizations and thus further satisfy our customers.

K: What are the first feedbacks?

ER: The main purpose of this project is to improve customer satisfaction, and in our opinion, this is monitored by two closely related indicators: time slot compliance and customer rating, using the NPS (Net Promoter Score). We immediately saw an improvement in time slot delivery compliance (up by 30 points), which we attribute to Kardinal’s highly reliable traffic data. We have noticed that our drivers arrive on time. 95% of our customers are now delivered on time, which has helped us improve our rating: the NPS has also increased by 20 points.