Logistics never stops. Neither does Kardinal.

Your logistics intelligence platform for route optimization, based on top-notch technologies.

Tool your decisions in real time and keep up with the new pace of logistics.

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Improve your performance

Kardinal improves your performance in a major way and allows you to achieve a better quality of service through mathematical optimization.

Kardinal Optimisation de tournées

And make it happen for real

Kardinal integrates your specific constraints and continuously adapts to the context of the field to provide you with relevant and realistic tours at all times.

Kardinal Optimisation de tournées

Continuous optimization is the heart of our platform.

Non-stop optimization is the key to real improvement.

Kardinal is present before, during and after operations, in order to plan optimized routes, adapt them to real-time field events, not to mention, learn from the ongoings to improve the future.

What is your business ?

Find out how we can help you depending on your industry 

Don’t let the unexpected get the upper hand

Traffic jams, client delays, vehicle break down are a few examples of what makes route optimization in real life, a mess. Kardinal is natively “event-responsive” so it can entail optimized recommendations to help you solve theses issues in real time, while taking the context into account.

Logistics intelligence plateform

We are building the first logistics intelligence platform dedicated to route optimization :

Discover TAO (Territory Analytics & Optimization), our strategic sectorization and territorial analysis solution 

Discover ARO (Always-On Route Optimization), our continuous route optimization solution

From tough choices to right choices

Planning and carrying out routes considering all constraints of the field, is a very difficult job. Kardinal takes on the computational part of that job so that your teams can focus on the right level of human decisions : strategic and customer centric.


Kardinal models your processes and adapts to them and not the other way around.


Kardinal optimizes at all times and at every stage to guarantee the best performance.


Humans are the real experts. Kardinal calculates and suggests, but you are the decision-maker.