Bulk & Waste Transport

Client Case

Discover the case study of our client who transports waste between collection and treatment centers in the Paris region, with a fleet of 72 vehicles.

Use cases for
Bulk & Waste Transport

Operations Scheduling

Based on a set of orders to be scheduled and available resources, our algorithms optimally plan complex waste and bulk material handling operations to optimize costs, productivity and service quality.

Real-Time Adjustments

As operations unfold and unexpected events or emergencies occur, our algorithm continuously calculates optimal route adjustments, taking into account the current driver and traffic conditions.

Predictive ETA

Based on scheduled operations, our algorithms calculate predictive arrival times that can be used to inform loading/unloading websites of truck arrivals.

Calls for Tender

During a tender, our algorithms can be used to calculate the optimal transportation costs for any relevant scenario, resulting in the best offer.

Handle Bulk & Waste Transport
Specific Constraints

Direct Delivery

If needed, some deliveries can be immediately delivered after pick-up, so the collected products do not get mixed up.

Site Capacities

If multiple loadings/unloadings are scheduled at a site, the actual capacity of vehicles at the same time is taken into account.

Mixed Time Slots

Sites have strict opening hours, while orders have preferred or requested time slots that should be met whenever possible.

Truck Attributes

Heavy trucks drive more slowly and some roads are closed to them, which has an impact on travel time.

Product Mix

Taking into account the incompatibility of the consecutive products and the need to wash the containers in between.

Guaranteed Revenues

Guarantee subcontractor revenues for each route to promote long-term partnerships.

API for Always-On Route Optimization

API for Always-On Route Optimization

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