PUDO Location

Visualize the Current Network

Visualize the current network status on the map, leveraging historical parcel volume data to pinpoint hotspots and areas with suboptimal performance.

Assess the Impact of Changes

Evaluate the potential impact of new PUDO locations or removals on the network, calculating daily parcel volumes and a site relevance score for each location.

Define Optimal Network

Calculate the optimal network or ideal locations for new sites to maximize the efficiency of the PUDO network.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Working with External Data

Our algorithms are capable of working with external data to prioritise what is really important in terms of your strategic objectives (census data, google reviews, mapping and access, shop opening hours, etc…).

Example Scenarios

New PUDO Network

From new or very low base, design an optimised network.


Established PUDO network

Improve an existing PUDO network to meet target metrics.


Growth PUDO network

Plan the expansion of your PUDO network in anticipation of parcel volume projections.

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