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"After 15 days, one of the most significant results of using Kardinal's solution was a 20-point improvement of our NPS."

Sébastien Bellone, Director of Transport & Reverse Logistics

Use cases for
Ecommerce and Retailers

Smart Delivery Slot

Get available delivery timeslots for new orders, based on planned orders and resources. Display the cost and CO2 emissions impact of each timeslot when choosing the delivery on your ecommerce website.

Real-time Locker Allocation

In case of absence, the driver can be sent to the nearest available locker to deliver the package, optimally integrating it into the current route.

Continuous Route Optimization

Optimizing routes continuously from first order to last delivery, allocating resources in real time while meeting customer expectations.

ETA Monitoring

Get a real-time update of the driver’s arrival time depending on current traffic conditions.                                                                                                   

Handle Ecommerce
Specific Constraints

Subcontractor Prioritization

The optimal allocation of resources can take into account the priorities between internal drivers and different subcontractors.

Delivery Times slots

Each order can have its own delivery time slot based on customer expectations that the algorithm will match.

Complex transportation capacities

The algorithm can handle vehicles with multiple compartments, taking into account that storage space temperatures can be adapted.

API for Always-On Route Optimization

API for Always-On Route Optimization

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