Subcontractors Pricing

Subcontractors' Area Optimization

Leverage the power of our algorithm to optimize a subcontractor’s zone (size the fleet and divide its territory into optimal routes).

Simulate the merge of several subcontractors’ territories to redispatch areas and optimize costs.

Cost Optimization and Transport Pricing

By tapping into your subcontractors’ transportation cost information, you can ensure that your prices are fair and that you are getting the right price for delivery.

Share Data for Implementation

Once agreed upon with your contractor, export the data to help them implement the new process in the field.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Matching Costs and Revenues

Comparing both the cost structure of the subcontractor and its revenue potential allows to optimize the pricing while ensuring profitability.

Business Impacts

Better Costs & Profitability

Optimal sectorization implies optimal cost structure for the subcontractor, making everyone more profitable.

Less Turnover and Subcontractors failure

Routes remain feasible despite parcel volatility, and subcontractor’s business becomes predictible.

Less Dependance on Field Expertise

Algorithm recommendations rely on data-driven facts instead of (good or bad) field habits.

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