Territory Analytics & Optimization

TAO is the first solution on the market dedicated to decision-makers and depot managers in the post and parcel delivery industry. By tackling strategic and tactical challenges upstream of route optimization, it unlocks the full potential of last-mile delivery.

Key Usecases

National Territory Optimization

Design the optimal territory organization for the whole country area. Simulate the addition or deletion of new delivery centers or sub-depots.

Fleet Sizing & Fleet Conversion

Visualize the impact of new vehicles (e.g. electric vehicles) on your operations by creating simulations to make data-driven decisions about your fleet.


Sectorization of the Delivery Center’s Territory

Design the optimal territory partitioning for a delivery center‘s area based on historical parcel counts and considering operational constraints.

Parcel Picking and Sorting

Assist the picker in sorting the packages during its scan in order to gain time and productivity.

Subcontractor Pricing

Get precise estimates of your subcontractor’s cost structure to buy transport at the right price.

Tour Sequencing

Get the optimal tour after each driver scans the packages to reduce costs and improve quality of service.

Meeting the challenge of
volume fluctuations

In the parcel industry, the day-to-day or month-to-month parcel volume fluctuations can lead to significant disruptions, low truck fill rates, rebalancing parcels between trucks, and longer routes.

By combining complementary units when creating a sector, we ensure the daily consistency of field operations.

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Vehicles each day
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OPEX Cost Reduction
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Loading rate

Key Benefits

Coûts économiques

Optimize your operating costs by right-sizing your fleet

Améliorer vos process logistiques

Reduce the need for balancing and parcel transfers between trucks before departure

Meilleure relation client

Facilitate discussions with your service providers using shared data                         

React quickly to activity surges and simplify real-time decision making          

Surveillez en temps réel votre activité

Get greater insights on your business and its progress over time

Respect des engagements clients

Make the right strategic decisions by testing your assumptions before implementing them

Key Benefits

Reduce costs and improve operational performance (10% to 40% productivity increase, depending on the industry).

Improve your company’s quality of service

Reduce your CO₂ footprint.

Comply with industry-specific laws and regulations.

Get a better strategic overview of costs and performance.

Ensure compliance with labor law obligations (e.g., work and break times for employees).

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