Territory Analytics & Optimization

Territory Analytics & Optimization supports you in defining the best geographic sectorization for your depot based on accurate and reliable KPIs resulting from the analysis of your historical data.

Key features


Add your current territorial sectorization in the tool to define its performance and review past periods


Use the tool to divide your area into sectors and size your resources as accurately as possible based on your historical data


Edit your sectorization manually to refine the sectors and test the impact of local modifications


Monitor your operations in real time on a map, identify daily key issues, readjust your sectors and anticipate the need of additional resources


Review past operations, identify sectors under pressure and changes in your business activity


Simulate changes in your activity, the introduction of new regulations or adjustments in your vehicle fleet: new electric vehicles, cargo bikes, etc.

What are the benefits for your organization?

Coûts économiques

Optimize your operating costs by right-sizing your fleet

Améliorer vos process logistiques

Reduce the need for balancing and parcel transfers between trucks before departure

Ensure a balanced distribution of the workload among your teams

React quickly to activity surges and simplify real-time decision making

Faîtes évoluer votre organisation étape par étape.

Streamline and plan your purchase of additional resources

Meilleure relation client

Facilitate discussions with your service providers using shared data

Surveillez en temps réel votre activité

Get greater insights on your business and its progress over time

Faites les meilleurs choix sur le terrain.

Increase the flexibility of your organization by anticipating changes in your business activity

Respect des engagements clients

Make the right strategic decisions by testing your assumptions before implementing them

  For courier and parcel delivery companies, route optimization requires agility in sorting parcels, which is sometimes incompatible with classic depot processes.

  This is why these actors use geographic sectorisation, based on administrative divisions and on their operators’ expertise.

  Territory Analytics & Optimization optimizes the definition of your sectorization and provides the visibility you need to manage your business.

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