National Territory Optimization

Multi-Depot Region Rezoning

Let the solution define the optimal borders between multiple delivery centers.

Transfer zip codes from one delivery center to another and assess the impact on operational costs, fleet and territory organization.

Depot Relocation

Test how a change in delivery center location would impact resource sizing and operational cost on the same scope.

Sub-Depot Creation

Simulate the creation of a sub-depot on the territory of an existing delivery center. Use the solution’s intelligence to optimize the fleet assignment and the breakdown of the depot territory.

Sub-Depot Creation

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Centralized Datalake

All data is pooled at country level, which makes it easy to adjust the scope of the network’s delivery centers independently.

Business Impacts

Operating Cost Reduction

Optimize upstream to generate a ripple effect of cost reductions in the field.

Organizational Agility

Break the siloes between delivery centers and adapt your organization to market changes.

Significant Time Savings

Run complex simulations easily in minutes instead of weeks of manual studies.  

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