Kardinal was created at the junction of Mathematics, Technology and Logistics.

Before starting a 4 years trip of Research and Development, they first came to the realization that classical Route Optimization techniques stopped where most problems began for logisticians. Indeed, the chaotic chain of events and daily complexities, make everyday life difficult. 

To face the challenges of the new world of sheer instantaneity, which is disrupting several industries with mobility issues, we strove to combine our expertise in Combinatorial Optimization and Machine Learning and merge them into a unique Route Optimization AI Technology.

At the core of our DNA lies the will to strive for intensive and meaningful innovation. According to us, the only acceptable solution to a problem is not the easy one, but the best one for our users, no matter how difficult the challenge might be. Therefore, our ambition is to build an AI-based system which really helps people do their job more efficiently rather than replace them.

Our name : Kardinal

From “Cardinal”, it relates to cardinal points used for finding your way around, just like our AI companion helps our clients take the best decisions. 

Moreover, it also refers to the cardinal concept in Mathematics, namely the number of elements in a set. Our name expresses our vision of being a guidance for decision making, as well as a powerful tool for handling infinite complexity.  

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At Kardinal, we aggregate the most talented people around our one genuine goal: helping our clients get the most efficient tours, no matter what.

We dare

Take on every challenge.

Make a meaningful impact. 

Aim high.

We support

Each other in our lives and in our jobs.

Humans with our technology. 

Our clients in transforming their business.

We grow

Individually by honing ourselves.

As a team by sharing successes.

Responsibly through sustainable choices.