Always-On Route Optimization Solution

Our real-time route optimization solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your processes and take into account your historical data to provide you with effective and actionable optimization in the field.

Key Features

Continuous Optimization

Harness the power of our dynamic algorithm to adjust your routes in real-time to adapt to on-the-ground realities.

Ultra-Performant Planning

Thanks to our cutting-edge algorithms, routes are planned within minutes, even at large scales.

Custom Modeling

Our proprietary solver models all your specific constraints, including the most complex ones.

Data Correction

The “Always-on” approach allows you to correct data on the fly, without having to restart calculations from scratch.

Traffic Anticipation

Traffic is taken into account prior to route calculations, making them more realistic and relevant.

Seamless Integration 

Our API is well-documented for quick and smooth integration into any system.

Route optimisation that never stops.

Kardinal works before, during, and after your operations to plan optimal routes, adapt them in real-time, and utilize on-the-ground data to enhance future optimizations.

Its unique approach enables you to update and incorporate new information during the planning process and consider field uncertainties for more realistic routes.

Benefits for Each Stakeholders

Reduce costs and improve operational performance (10% to 40% productivity increase, depending on the industry).

Improve your company’s quality of service

Reduce your CO₂ footprint.

Comply with industry-specific laws and regulations.

Get a better strategic overview of costs and performance.

Ensure compliance with labor law obligations (e.g., work and break times for employees).

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