Always-On Route Optimization Solution

Our Always-On Route Optimization Solution is designed to completely incorporate your background and processes, making fine tuned and relevant optimization possible in real-time and at all stages of the process.

SaaS Solution pour l'optimisation de tournées

Key features


Plan your tours in a jiffy, even at large scales, to increase efficiency

Non-stop optimization

Get recommendations to adapt your tours at all time, to solve issues when they occur


Obtain a clear, real-time view on what is happening and when to improve your reactivity


Devise an in-depth view of your activity, to get a grip on the hidden rooms for improvement

Data-driven strenghtening

Apply Machine Learning to your data, to make future planning more solid as time goes by

Business Modeling

Simulate alternative scenarii, to get insights on the best long term decisions to make

What does Kardinal have to offer you?

Reduce costs and improve operational performance (10% to 40% productivity increase, depending on the industry).

Improve your company’s quality of service

Reduce your CO₂ footprint.

Comply with industry-specific laws and regulations.

Get a better strategic overview of costs and performance.

Ensure compliance with labor law obligations (e.g., work and break times for employees).

Find out how we can help you depending on your industry