Logisticians never stop. Neither does Kardinal.

The transportation sector is in perpetual evolution : in a  rapidly digitalizing world, your clients are expecting reactivity, precision and compliance with commitments.

Your organizations are challenged to propose solutions to these new issues and hence must enhance their agility.

Through our real-time optimization technology Kardinal is the partner of tomorrow’s logistics actors.

Our modular SaaS solution can either be plugged to your existing Transport Management System or used in stand-alone, bringing you the set of functions that add the most value to your business.

Kardinal Route Optimization Field Services - Planification de vos interventions Transport Transportation

Do not sacrifice your expertise

Your organization is the result of years of experience and efforts. It is an important part of your company’s know-how. 

Do not choose a rigid route optimization software, which shall take away years of hard-earned wisdom.

Kardinal adapts to your current organization and makes it evolve smoothly towards greater flexibility while respecting humans and processes.

Kardinal Route Optimization Transport Transportation