Parcel Delivery

Our “Parcel Delivery” case study describes:

– the specific optimization constraints of the sector

– the suggested optimization method

– the route optimization results obtained

In the warehouse

Kardinal tours optimization for parcel delivery  begins well before the drivers’ departure on the road. Our algorithm completes the tours as the parcels arrive right until the last second, taking into account the real-time context :

  • organize and facilitate picking,
  • build solid tour plans in keeping with predicted volumes,
  • re-dispatch packages in case of driver’s absence,
  • re-adapt tours in case of incorrect data on packages.
Picking en entrepôt

Our usecases for Parcel Delivery

After deliveries

Kardinal’s tour optimization uses your historical data to improve its future predictions and make your operations more efficient day after day :

  • predict volumes for the next days,
  • refine drivers’ travel time predictions,
  • refine the prediction of delivery times,
  • simulate the impact of business changes on tours performance.
Simulation de tournées de véhicules

On the road

Kardinal stays alert every second to help drivers make the best possible decisions in real time, in response to unforeseen events in the field : 

  • adapt routes to traffic changes in real-time,
  • adjust tours if the customer is absent or unreachable,
  • adapt the tour when a customer changes his time slot during operations,
  • add new operations in real time in the best possible manner.
Livraison de colis