Territory Sectorization

Optimized Sectorization

Use the tool to divide your area into sectors and adjust your resources as accurately as needed based on your historical data.

Manual Edit

Create your current sectorization in the tool to compare it with others.

Edit your sectorization manually to refine the sectors and test the impact of local modifications.

Sectorization Comparison

Compare your sectorization with the one optimized by the tool or any other simulation.

Identify the operational and organizational impacts of your decisions before implementing them in the field.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Manage Volume Volatility

In the parcel delivery business, there is no such thing as a typical day. Kardinal forecasts many plausible scenarios based on reasonable assumptions, which allows us to plan for resources and routes that are highly possible.

Business Impacts

Reduced Operating Costs

Optimize operating costs by right-sizing your fleet.

Improved Working Conditions

Relieve pressure on your teams and lighten drivers’ day.

Organizational Agility

Make the right strategic decisions by testing your assumptions before implementing them.

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