Parcel Sorting

Parcel Allocation

Get sorting assistance when scanning parcels to identify which route they belong to with powerful real-time geocoding capabilities.

Truck Loading Assistance

Get information at a more detailed level (each cell represents a sub-section of the route) to load the truck in the right order.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Division of the Territory into “Cells”

Kardinal’s route zones are not simply geographic areas, but have an underlying sequence of districts (“cells”) to tour. Thus, any parcel can be assigned to a district, which is essential information for the sorting process.

Business Impacts

Organizational Agility

Automation enables daily sectorization changes while ensuring that operations keep up.

Improved Working Conditions

Relieve pressure on your teams and lighten drivers’ day.

Better Productivity

As picking & sorting can be done faster, or by others, drivers can spend more time making deliveries.

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