Urban Couriers

Success Story

"We were looking for a real-time optimizer and the only one on the market today to offer this type of solution is Kardinal."

Benjamin Legendre, Director of Operations at Sterne

Use cases for
Urban Couriers

New order dispatch in real time

Kardinal’s algorithms optimize order distribution in real time by taking into account the location of couriers, traffic conditions and current order plans.

Smart Meeting Appointment

Get optimized recommendations for pickup and delivery timeslots before taking new orders. 


Continuous Route Optimization

As drivers complete their assigned route, Kardinal optimizes it in real time to account for driver delays, traffic, and changes made by dispatchers.

ETA Monitoring

Get a real-time update of the driver’s arrival time depending on current traffic conditions.

Handle Urban Couriers
Specific Constraints

Pickup & Delivery

Kardinal’s algorithm manages pickup and delivery orders, including proof of drop-off at a third location if necessary. Delivery can be immediately triggered after pickup if necessary.

Time slots

Each order can have its own pickup and/or delivery time slots, which can be set as both optimal and mandatory, to help the algorithm make the best decision.

Maximum time between pickup & delivery

For the transportation of specific goods that must not lie in the drivers trunk for too long, a maximum time between pickup and delivery can be specified.

Complex Transportation Capacities

The algorithm can handle vehicles with multiple compartments, taking into account that storage space temperatures can be adapted.

Real time & predictive traffic

Kardinal handles real-time and predictive traffic upstream of optimization to provide reliable route recommendations.

API for Always-On Route Optimization

API for Always-On Route Optimization

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