We are constantly developing our technological expertise by working closely with market-leading partners and innovative solution providers to deliver our customers with leading-edge solutions that enable them to achieve their best performance.

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Industry Specific
Consulting companies

We surround ourselves with the best consulting or service companies with in-depth expertise in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain. Our solutions enable our partners to develop business opportunities and respond effectively to customers’ challenges, from needs analysis to project deployment.

Kardinal has developped a tour planning platform using data science to optimize travel time of drivers. Their approach enables excellent results. The real-time hazards handling and smart replanning of delivery that provides their platform outshines their yet impressive expertise.

As a matter of fact, the capability of their optimization engine to consider address switches, time windows changes, customer lateness, vehicles breaks or even including new orders is astounding.

This is the reason why Adameo engaged in a partnership with Kardinal : our business expertise allows our clients to define efficiently their use cases, rapidly exploiting all the added value resulting from implementing Kardinal.

Guillaume Mullier, Head of Business Development, Adameo

Integrator partners

We are building a network of integrator partners recognized for their expertise in deploying our solutions in complex IT projects. 

The combined expertise of our team guarantees our clients a fast and successful integration of their projects.

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