Optimal & Dynamic Appointment Scheduling

Kardinal’s API revolutionizes delivery slot management by intelligently optimizing appointments while considering existing schedules.

ODA - Optimal & Dynamic Appointment

Key Features

Strategic timeslot display

Display or hide certain delivery timeslots regarding their impact on your business objectives.

Calculation of ecological impact

Show ecological impact of delivery timeslots to the end-customer to encourage sustainable choices.

Dynamic pricing

Vary the price of timeslots for the end-customer regarding the real operational cost of the delivery.

Personalized planning objectives

Select the planning objective tailored to your business requirements (such as minimizing transportation costs, reducing working hours, decreasing emitted CO2, etc.).

Highlight opportunistic deliveries

Prioritise the most convenient delivery slots for the carrier (for example, if there is already a delivery scheduled in the same street).

Lead the innovation in delivery services

In the era of evolving customer expectations, efficient time slot management is paramount to remain competitive for both shipper and carrier.

Kardinal’s intelligent scheduling API is configurable according to your specific needs and offers you endless possibilities. 

Its dynamic optimization features, equips last-mile delivery operators with the means to plan and adjust delivery slots seamlessly, ensuring enhanced efficiency and convenience for all involved parties.


Key Benefits

Coûts économiques

Enhances operational efficiency for carriers.

Enables carriers to propose innovative delivery services for their e-commerce clients.

Meilleure relation client

Improves the rate of successful first attempt deliveries.                                                     

Reduces the environmental impact of last mile deliveries.

Enhancing the end customer experience.                                                           

Improves predictive resource planning capability.                                                                                  

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