How Vente-unique improved its NPS by 20 points with Kardinal

Vente-unique, an e-commerce website specialized in furniture and decoration, has optimized its urban delivery planning thanks to Kardinal’s solution. Read what the Vente-unique teams have to say about the implementation of Kardinal and its daily benefits.

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About Vente-unique

As a major e-commerce player in the furniture and decoration market in France and Europe, Vente-unique has over 450 employees and a turnover of 165 million euros (2021). With more than 2 million customers located in 11 European countries, the company’s success is reflected by a 94% satisfaction rate.

Vente-unique choisit Kardinal

Before the project

To improve its customer service quality, Vente-unique decided to internalize part of its vehicle fleet to carry out deliveries that were previously handled by subcontractors only.

Sébastien Bellone de Vente-unique

As a pure player, the only contact we have with our customers is through our drivers. Therefore, the goal of having our fleet in-house is to improve the service quality we provide to our customers, while at the same time using the information we gather from them to adapt our offer.

Sébastien Bellone, Transport & Reverse Logistics Director at Vente-unique

In June 2022, Vente-unique Delivery started its activity in the Paris area to deliver 50 to 60 orders daily. The company’s ambition is to expand throughout Europe. Vente-unique was looking for an innovative and efficient solution to help them define the right fleet of vehicles and optimize their delivery routes.

The solution

Why Kardinal?

After reviewing several market solutions, the Vente-unique teams chose Kardinal’s software solution, which met the very specific requirements of the furniture industry, including the following:

It was essential to take these constraints into account to ensure that the delivery routes were truly relevant.

chargement camion vente-unique

The Vente-unique teams therefore chose to rely on the technological expertise of two French companies: Kardinal and Everest. Based on advanced mathematics, Kardinal’s optimization algorithms take into account predictive traffic to build the best possible routes that Everest will then display on its TMS interface and its app for drivers. Drivers can then follow the routes provided by Kardinal on their cell phones while having information about the service and delivery instructions for each item delivered.

The benefits

Within the first two weeks of using Kardinal’s solution, Vente-unique’s teams saw significant benefits, such as more realistic and relevant delivery routes.

For Vente-unique, the challenge was to improve customer satisfaction, which is assessed by two main indicators: compliance with delivery times and NPS (Net Promoter Score), a rating from customers. Thanks to Kardinal’s solution, the company was able to increase its on-time performance by 30 points.

Elliott Royer Vente-unique

95% of our customers are now delivered within the time slot given at the time of their order.

Elliott Royer, Transport Project Manager at Vente-unique

The Vente-unique teams explain this improvement thanks to the highly reliable traffic data provided by Kardinal, which allows the drivers to arrive at the customer’s premises on time. Customers are more satisfied with the service they receive because the company fulfills its promise.

After 15 days, our NPS increased by 20 points, which is huge!

Sébastien Bellone, Transport & Reverse Logistics Director at Vente-unique

For drivers, the benefits are also significant: their work schedules are consistent and they can go home on time, or even early.

Watch the video testimonial of the Vente-unique team below:

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