Smart Planning of Delivery Slots

Strategic timeslot display

Display or hide certain delivery timeslots regarding their impact on your business objectives.

Calculation of ecological impact

Show ecological impact of delivery timeslots to the end-customer to encourage sustainable choices.

Dynamic Pricing

Vary the price of timeslots for the end-customer regarding the real operational cost of the delivery.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Plan according to what already exists

Unlike other market tools, Kardinal adjusts its pricing and recommendations based on what has already been planned. For example, a customer gets a discount if he chooses the same delivery time slot as his neighbor.

Business Impacts

Better Costs & Profitability

Enhance carrier’s operational efficiency and productivity thanks to better tours.

Better anticipation of resources

Improve predictive resource planning capability.

Better end-customer experience

Improve the information given to end customers and the opportunity to reduce delivery cost and carbon footprint

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