Postal and Parcel Delivery

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DPD France optimizes its delivery centers sectorization and routes thanks to Kardinal’s solution.

Use cases for
Post & Parcel Delivery

National Territory Optimization

Design the optimal territory organization for the whole country area. Simulate the addition or removal of new delivery centers or sub-depots.

Fleet Sizing and Fleet Conversion

Visualize the impact of new vehicles (e.g. electric vehicles) on your operations by creating simulations to make data-driven decisions about your fleet.

Sectorization of the Delivery Center’s Territory

Design the optimal territory split for a delivery center area based on historical parcel counts and given operational constraints.

Parcel Picking and Sorting

Help pickers sort packages as they are scanned to save time and increase productivity.

Subcontractor Pricing

Get detailed estimates of your subcontractor’s cost structure to buy transport at the right price.

Tour Sequencing

Generate the optimal route after each driver scans the packages to reduce costs and improve service quality.

Fit in with the Organization of Post & Parcel Delivery Players

Fit in with the Organization of
Post & Parcel Delivery Players

Parcel delivery companies have divided their optimization process into 2 steps:

  • a dispatch stage: distribution of parcels in predefined areas
  • a sequencing stage within each area, different each day

Managed by the depot manager, the Kardinal platform oversees the dispatch phase using its territory optimization module, TAO.

The day-to-day sequencing of the routes is managed by our ARO route optimization API module.

Territory Optimization SaaS Solution

Territory Optimization SaaS Solution

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