Empower your scheduling, unleash your Field Services team's potential.

Efficient planning of operations considering customer’s specific constraints and your own activity is a highly complex task.

Kardinal SaaS Solution for Field Services assists your teams by optimizing the planning continuously so that you can reach operational effectiveness at the optimal cost.

Our modular SaaS solution can either be plugged to your existing IT System, CRM or ERP through APIs or used in stand-alone.  bringing you the set of functionnalities that add the most value to your business.

Get help on planning so you can focus on your clients.

Your purpose is to deliver the best service possible to your clients. This means, being available quickly and sticking to your commitments. 

Kardinal helps you assigning the right expert at the right time, ensuring that plannings are actually achievable.
Field Services - Planification de vos interventions

Our features, your benefits :

  • Optimized planning of your operations
  • Integration of your specific constraints
  • Taking into account the complexity of the interventions
  • Taking into account recurring interventions
  • Optimized adding of emergencies
  • Management of prioritary customers
Anticiper vos pics d'activité

Better performances

Better control of your costs

Gagnez du temps sur la planification de vos tournées

Time saving on scheduling

Gardez le contrôle total des tournées

Easier activity management

Meeting commitments

Better contract renewal

Better resolution rate

Gérez facilement les contraintes spécifiques à votre activité

Fewer periods of inactivity

Feasible planning

Gérez votre activité de tournées

Less travel

We support these industries in optimizing their tours: