IT maintenance, Telecom and Security

Our “Maintenance Technicians” case study describes:

– the specific optimization constraints of the sector

– the suggested optimization method

– the route optimization results obtained

Specific constraints for technicians performing maintenance tours

Visit to PUDO

Some activities sometimes require the passage of technicians into a PUDO center (Pick-Up Drop Off) in order to collect equipment.

Eligibility management

Some interventions may require specific skills: the skills of each technician must be taken into account in the optimization.

Accessibility constraints

Scheduling on-site visits may be constrained by access conditions.

Intervention length

Depending on the type of intervention and / or the site concerned, the time spent on site by the technician may vary.

Tour start and end locations

Depending on the case, the technicians can start (or not) their rounds from their home.

Complex interventions

Certain operations may require special arrangements such as the presence on site of two technicians.