Route Optimization

Tour Sequencing

Plan the most efficient way for a vehicle to visit a set of addresses. Sequencing is a good solution when the territory is divided into areas pre-assigned to drivers, as in the parcel delivery industry for example.

Route Planning

Create the most efficient tour plan without restrictions on the number of locations to visit or resources. Our algorithm takes into account your most complex constraints and considers traffic to provide consistent routes that save time and resources.


Let the algorithm suggest in real time which deliveries should be made in the best order based on traffic, new pickups or any other unforeseen events.

Real-time Route

Let the algorithm suggest real-time changes within a tour or between tours. For example, it can recommend changing the route for a pickup if the driver is running late.

Kardinal's Secret Sauce

Always-on Optimization to Reflect Data and Field Reality

Kardinal’s route optimization is the only one on the market that runs continuously, which allows it to natively process all new information from tools (ERP, TMS), data adjustments and updates from the field (traffic, absent customer, new delivery, etc.).

Business Impacts

Operating Cost Reduction

Optimized routes lead to more efficient resource allocation and reduced use of resources.

Lower Environmental Impact

Reduce the number of vehicles used, distance traveled, and empty trips.

Better Quality of Service

Meeting customer constraints and ensuring on-time deliveries.

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