Bulk Transport

Our “Bulk Transport” case study describes:

– the specific optimization constraints of the sector

– the suggested optimization method

– the route optimization results obtained

Before the trucks leave

    Our route optimization for bulk transportation begins well ahead of your drivers’ departure on the road
  • create optimal tours considering site constraints and maximizing the filling rate of trucks,
  • include last minute client queries through automatic tour adjustments,
  • redispatch smartly in case of truck failure or absent driver.
Transport de vrac- bulk transport

Our usecases for Bulk Transport

After operations

Kardinal’s tour optimization uses your historical data to improve its future predictions and makes your operations more efficient day after day

  • predict load for the days ahead,
  • narrow down next predictions using historical data regarding waiting time index by site, day of the week and time schedule,
  • measure how traffic or site access waiting time impacts your activity and your quality of service,
  • simulate the impact of business changes on tours performance.
Analyse des tournées de véhicules

On the road

Kardinal stays alert to help drivers make the best possible decisions in real time, in response to unforeseen events in the field

  • benefit from tours adjustement to real-time traffic,
  • reallocate your ressources in case of site access congestion in an optimal way,
  • insert last minute pickups optimally inside existing tours.
Transport de vrac- bulk transport