Route Optimization API Documentation

With our APIs, we provide software publishers and users with our features and expertise to enhance applications. 

We utilize top-notch technologies to develop our APIs, ensuring that you have access to the best solutions available in the market. 

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Key Assets

Secure API

Totally secure via a jwt token. The token is both simple to understand and suitable for other uses such as SSO.

Rest standards

The architecture of our API is designed according to REST standards, which facilitates communication between applications.

Advanced controls

It is possible to do cost modeling, manipulate lexicographic objectives and control the optimization time in a very precise way, in order to fine-tune the engine to its needs.

Multi-function API

The API enables sequencing, next day scheduling, multi-day scheduling, smart appointment scheduling and real-time tracking through a single data model.

Easy to use

Concepts such as tags allow multiple types of constraints to be modeled with a short and efficient syntax.

Low initial integration cost

There is very little mandatory data, most of which is managed by default, which makes it easy to integrate the solution and quickly see your first tours.

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