Vente-unique chooses Kardinal to plan and optimize its delivery routes

Vente-unique, an e-commerce website specialized in furniture and decoration, chooses Kardinal’s solution for the planning and optimization of its delivery routes.

Vente-unique choisit Kardinal, an e-commerce website specialized in furniture and decoration, has more than 2 million customers in 11 European countries.

In June 2022, the Vente-unique teams wanted to internalize part of their vehicle fleet to carry out deliveries with the creation of the Vente-unique Delivery entity. « As a pure player, the only contact we have with our customers is through our drivers. The internalization of our fleet aims to improve the service quality perceived by our customers while collecting information from them to adapt our offer. » explains Sébastien Bellone, Transport & Reverse Logistics Director at Vente-unique.

Initially, Vente-unique Delivery started its activity in the Paris area, with the ambition to deploying it throughout Europe. In order to define the appropriate vehicles fleet and optimize the delivery routes, the company sought an innovative and efficient tool.

chargement camion vente-unique

After having analyzed several solutions on the market, the Vente-unique teams chose Kardinal, which was able to address the very specific constraints of the furniture industry, including :

  • the duration of a delivery which can vary considerably depending on the service and the goods (from 5 minutes to 2 hours),
  • deliveries that generally require the presence of two agents

To efficiently carry out their delivery routes, the Vente-unique teams rely on the technologies of two French companies: Kardinal and Everest. Based on advanced mathematics, Kardinal’s optimization algorithms take into account predictive traffic to build the best possible routes that Everest will then display on its TMS interface and its app for drivers.

Within the first few weeks of use, Kardinal’s solution has shown significant benefits for the operational teams, including more realistic and relevant delivery routes that respect the time slots chosen by customers. « 95% of our customers are now delivered within the time slot given at the time of their order. » testifies Elliott Royer, Transport Project Manager at Vente-unique, which represents an increase of almost 30 points.

Thanks to the reliable traffic data provided by Kardinal, the drivers are able to arrive at their customers’ premises on time, which improves their satisfaction. « After 15 days, our NPS (the score given by our customers) has increased by 20 points, which is huge! » enthuses Sébastien Bellone.

With the opening of marketplaces and a fulfillment offer that is unique in Europe, the Vente-unique teams are expecting record volumes in the coming years, which will require increasingly fine-tuned route optimization.

About Vente-unique :

A major e-commerce player in the furniture and decoration industry in France and Europe, Vente-unique offers a wide range of products for the entire home: sofas, furniture, bedding, home decor, bathrooms, gardens, etc. Founded in 2006, the company now employs more than 450 people and has achieved more than 165 million euros in turnover by 2021. Vente-unique’s success is reflected by more than 2 million customers delivered in 11 countries in Europe with a 94% satisfaction rate and recently, the election of the Customer Service of the Year 2023*. 

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About Kardinal :

Kardinal is a Last Mile Delivery Optimization Platform designed to improve operational performance and strategic decisions, actionable from day 1. With cutting-edge mathematics, we leverage your current processes and data to optimize operations, improve the relevance of your transportation procurement, and provide the decision support you need to grow your organization.

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