Achieving unprecedented response times: an interview with Luc Delbreil, CEO of Glasseo

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Kardinal assists Glasseo in the digitalization and optimization of its business. The French specialist in at-home car windshield replacement optimizes its route planning thanks to Kardinal’s solution.

Discover the testimony of Luc Delbriel, CEO of Glasseo, who answered our questions to talk about the implementation of this project.

Kardinal: Hello Luc, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and Glasseo?

Luc Delbriel: Hello, my name is Luc Delbreil and I am the majority shareholder of Glasseo. In 1976, I bought a company based in Lens, specialized in the replacement of car windshields. In 1999, we decided to focus on home interventions and to make it our sole business, which led to the closure of our auto repair stores. Today, Glasseo has 100 employees, a turnover of 12 million euros, 40,000 repairs per year, 60 workshop trucks and a 20% growth this year.

K: What are the main constraints of Glasseo’s routes?

LD: The way Glasseo builds its routes is quite complex to solve. First of all, we decided to set a very small time slot (half an hour) that we never change: we don’t call back customers to change the appointment. Secondly, Glasseo is organized around 27 different facilities in France, which means that our routes can be long and reach up to 400 km. These two constraints require a rather special optimization system.

K: Why did you select Kardinal’s solution?

LD: The plan to introduce investment algorithms is an old project at Glasseo, I spent a lot of time looking for experts on the subject but I never found them because this field is so complex and has few resources. Luckily, I was put in contact with Kardinal and the presentation made by their team confirmed my decision because they had a powerful and adaptable algorithm and a technical team with strong skills.

K: How is Kardinal’s solution used by your teams?

LD: Today, we use Kardinal’s technology for two main types of operations: to assist our operators on our phone platform and on our website. We have decided to gradually roll out the Kardinal solution on our telephone platform: first on a limited number of operators. Then on all operators as a service proposal, which means that we combine Kardinal’s expertise with the expertise of our operators. With one major benefit, an easier process for operators. It is much easier for an operator to select the best slot if the slots are already pre-processed by an algorithm.
We also use Kardinal’s solution for online appointment scheduling. Glasseo has developed a very innovative appointment booking system with the help of Kardinal’s solution as we optimize routes in real time. Kardinal’s solution prevents us from going back on appointments that have been booked by customers online.

K: How has the implementation of Kardinal’s solution benefited your company?

LD: Thanks to Kardinal’s software solution, we have been able to simplify the training of new employees, as Glasseo has grown, the expertise required to schedule appointments has become more and more important. Today, Kardinal’s solution allows us to train a new operator in 15 days, when it used to take us up to 6 months.
The second major benefit is the shorter lead times: this year we have achieved the best average lead times ever achieved by the company since we started tracking this data.
The third benefit is that our failure rate has dramatically decreased: our ability to convert a call into an appointment has increased significantly. And this is directly related to the fact that the solution allows us to better distribute the load across our different branches.
We also have a significant increase in the number of interventions during peak periods: we have done more interventions in our workshop vehicles during peak periods. Because of better optimization, we fill our trucks better when there is sufficient demand.
We have reduced the number of kilometers traveled during these peak loads. Today, Kardinal’s solution has shown its performance in these peak situations.