The Sterne Group has appointed Kardinal to optimize its urban delivery routes

Paris, October 26, 2021 – The STERNE Group, the market leader in urgent and customized delivery services, has implemented Kardinal’s real-time route optimization solution to plan and optimize its urban delivery routes.

The STERNE Group is a major player in the organization of urgent and customized transport needs, with nearly 1,150 employees across 55 agencies in France and abroad. Its subsidiary Novéa/STERNE City, which handles urgent collections and deliveries of parcels and letters, is experiencing a strong growth in its activity, which can be explained by the growing demand for logistics in urban areas. The company now makes over 3,200 daily deliveries, mainly in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Mulhouse, Bordeaux and Lille.

To meet the latest challenges in urban delivery, Novéa/STERNE City’s teams have decided to use Kardinal’s solution to optimize the organization of pick-ups and scheduled deliveries in real time. This technology, used every day, enables STERNE Group employees to adapt their routes to suit daily activity volumes and traffic constraints, and to provide their customers with a higher level of performance.

groupe Sterne Kardinal

For STERNE, this collaboration is part of a global approach to protecting the environment. “Cities are constantly on the move, and we needed to invest in an optimization system to ensure that our routes cover as few kilometers as possible and produce as little CO2 as possible” explains Benjamin Legendre, the Group’s Operations Director.

The choice of Kardinal also reflects the Group’s ambition to remain at the forefront of innovation to meet its customers’ expectations. “Kardinal has developed a unique technology for real-time route optimization. This is a major asset for a logistics provider like Novéa/STERNE City” says Franck Garnier, Director of Novéa/STERNE City.

What makes Kardinal’s solution unique is its continuous operation: routes are constantly recalculated based on real-time data. The system allows for routes to be adjusted to reflect unexpected events in the field, especially road traffic, a variable that has a major impact in urban areas, but is always difficult to predict.

In the first few months of use, Novéa/STERNE City’s operational teams have noticed improvements, thanks to the solution’s ability to calculate routes that are better adapted to field conditions. “Today, the routes are much smoother and no longer cross each other” says Benjamin Legendre. “Kardinal allows us to reduce travel times, especially on routes where traffic is very dense, such as crossings of the Seine river” adds Franck Garnier. The savings in terms of time and kilometers traveled, increases the flexibility of the STERNE Group’s teams and the overall satisfaction of their customers.

This optimization also improves the sometimes difficult working conditions of delivery drivers, who are affected by road stress and increasingly strict regulations. By offering routes that are better adapted to urban environments, Kardinal is a source of greater peace of mind for teams.

About the STERNE Group:

The STERNE Group is a major player in the organization of urgent and customized transport needs. The company has a turnover of approximately €240 million and has nearly 1,150 employees across 55 agencies in France and abroad. It covers the entire country with 1,900 regular routes and makes 3,500 urban, national and international deliveries each day. Its air freight forwarding status and its membership to the SKYNET international express network also allows it to cover 210 countries around the world. The Group was acquired in March 2017 by the management team accompanied and supported by its majority shareholder Meeschaert Capital Partners.

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About Kardinal :

Kardinal is a tech company that supports logistics operators in the digitization and optimization of their transport operations. Using artificial intelligence, Kardinal provides its clients with an innovative software solution dedicated to optimizing operational performance for more efficient, more agile and more sustainable logistics.

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