Kardinal integrates its delivery slot scheduling technology into the Hub One | DMS solution

Paris, March 18, 2024

Kardinal partners with Hub One, a digital technology operator for businesses and a subsidiary of the ADP Group, for optimized delivery slot scheduling to integrate it at the core of its new solution, Hub One | DMS (Delivery Management System).

Hub One x Kardinal

The boom in e-commerce is currently confronting Supply Chain players with a growing demand for fast, accurate, and adaptable deliveries. While this evolution offers significant economic prospects, it also presents challenges for carriers and distributors, both in terms of optimizing transportation costs and organizational management.

Without visibility into the ecological and economic cost of delivery slots, an e-commerce site’s customer typically chooses the most convenient delivery window, leading to suboptimal delivery routes for carriers, including repeated visits to certain areas within the same day.

To address this issue, Kardinal’s teams have developed a dynamic delivery slot optimization solution that reverses the situation by optimizing from the moment of scheduling, recommending the most economical and ecological slots based on already planned deliveries.

Hub One aims to make this solution available to its clients within its Hub One DMS solution.

The integration of this API enables new innovative functionalities:

  • Strategic display of time slots: Users can choose to display or hide certain delivery slots based on their impact on their business objectives.
  • Calculation of ecological impact: The environmental impact of delivery slots can be displayed to the end customer to encourage more sustainable choices.
  • Dynamic pricing: The prices of time slots can vary based on the actual operational cost of delivery. If a delivery is already scheduled on the same day in the vicinity, the price is adjusted downward if the chosen time slot is the same.


We are thrilled to collaborate closely with Hub One on innovative features for their Hub One | DMS solution. Together, we will bring to market a comprehensive offering that will truly change the game in terms of the last-mile impact.

Jonathan Bouaziz, CEO and Co-founder of Kardinal

The need for last-mile optimization is crucial, and since establishing the partnership, synergies with Kardinal have been multiplying," says Benoît Duchêne, Director of Hub One's Traceability Division. "Today, we are considering optimized delivery slot scheduling because it brings immediate value to the entire ecosystem. However, we also have other topics in the pipeline that we will unveil in the coming months.

Benoît Duchêne, Director of Hub One's Traceability Division

Integration of Kardinal’s API within the Hub One solution will provide its DMS clients with:

  • Enhanced efficiency in their transportation operations
  • Capability to offer innovative delivery services to carriers’ customers
  • Increased success rate of first-attempt deliveries
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of last-mile deliveries
  • Improved service quality and end customer satisfaction
  • Optimization of resource planning
About Kardinal:

Kardinal is a technology company that supports logistics players in digitizing and optimizing their transportation operations. Through artificial intelligence, Kardinal provides its clients with an innovative software solution dedicated to optimizing operational performance for more efficient, agile, and sustainable logistics.

To learn more, visit kardinal.ai

About Hub One:

Hub One is the digital technology operator for businesses and public organizations. As a leading player in digital transformation in constrained environments, HUB ONE relies on its three expertise areas: TELECOM, TRACEABILITY, and CYBERSECURITY. The digital challenges of businesses drive Hub One’s daily innovations. Thus, Hub One offers the best of technologies through reliable, secure digital networks tailored to the needs and usages of professionals, as well as business software and services, all for better operational efficiency. Commitment, Proximity, Boldness are the shared values that reflect Hub One’s culture. With more than 10 regional offices and over 600 employees serving more than 5,000 clients daily, Hub One generated a turnover of 164.5 million euros in 2023. Hub One is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ADP GROUP, a 100% subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris SA.

To learn more, visit hubone.fr

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