Better constraints management: an interview with Baptiste Demailly, Project Manager at Orange Web

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Kardinal supports Groupe STERNE in the digitalization and optimization of its activity. Specialized in the organization of urgent and customized transport, STERNE Group optimizes the planning of urban deliveries of its subsidiary Novéa/STERNE City thanks to Kardinal’s real-time route optimization solution.

Baptiste Demailly, Project Manager at Orange Web, answered our questions about the implementation of this project.

Kardinal: Hi Baptiste, can you introduce yourself?

Baptiste Demailly: I am Baptiste Demailly, Project Manager at Orange Web. Orange Web is an in-house company of the STERNE Group that builds apps for the transportation industry.

K: What issues were at the origin of the project set up with Kardinal?

BD: We changed our route optimization solution because the existing solution did not meet all our needs:

  • It did not handle traffic times very well, which were sometimes poorly estimated.
  • It also failed to manage the activity over several days, only by hour. This was a problem for us if the parcels were to be delivered the next day at 12 p.m., the software was blocked on the current day at 12 p.m.
  • Different vehicle types were not supported.

K: Why did you choose Kardinal's optimization solution?

BD: Kardinal’s strength lies in its continuous optimization, which other software publishers did not offer. With other software publishers, you had to send a request and it was a “one-shot” process. Kardinal’s solution, on the other hand, constantly recalculates the routes and recommends better ones over time. By letting the solution optimize for 5-10 minutes, it sometimes helps save a specific resource or an hour of time.

Kardinal’s constrained optimization also played a role in our choice: many service providers allow distribution optimization but from one point and without managing the pickup and delivery schedules of the various points to be covered. Kardinal’s tool allowed us to prepare the routes in advance, so we prepare them the day before and confirm them the next morning.

Above all, the routes created are more relevant. Our old software created routes where several drivers stopped in the same street or some crossed the Seine several times (which slowed down the routes). With Kardinal’s solution, the drivers are well sectorized and these problems no longer exist.

K: What did you think of the implementation of the project with Kardinal?

BD: We were provided with great support and follow-up as well as assistance during the implementation of the solution. We were guided on what needed to be implemented to meet our specific needs. We have a weekly update with Kardinal’s team to follow the progress of the project. If we have any questions or problems, the support team is quick to answer.