Fair, Sustainable, Profitable Last Mile Delivery

Your Last Mile Delivery optimization platform, designed to improve operational performance, actionable from day 1.

From sectorization, to sorting optimization, to subcontractor pricing, discover the Kardinal solution for parcel delivery.

Profitable, Agile, Resilient

We believe in agile organizations that are resilient to volatility thanks to the optimization of their territory and the allocation of resources.

Kardinal Optimisation de tournées

Fair, Reasonable, Sustainable

We want to take part in a world where parcel delivery is bought at the right price, human constraints are integrated and greenhouse gas reduction is a reality.

Kardinal Optimisation de tournées
Kardinal Platform

Build resilient & profitable organizations in Last Mile Delivery

With cutting-edge mathematics, we leverage your current processes and data to optimize your operations, improve the relevance of your transportation procurement, and provide the decision support you need to grow your organization.

We only need an Excel/CSV sheet from you to build insights, actionable from day 1.

What is your business ?

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Last Mile Delivery Optimization Platform

Kardinal’s platform is designed to improve your operational performance actionable from day 1:

  • Territory optimization
  • Subcontractor Pricing
  • Resources Anticipation
  • Fleet conversion
  • Depot location
  • Real-Time Route Optimization
  • Top management reporting

From business uncertainty to informed decisions

The business environment is constantly changing and require decisions to be made more often and faster than before. Transporters and subcontractors do not have time to make informed decisions when most of them are interconnected and may or may not have a positive impact on each stakeholder.

Top managers

Build an organization where your strategic change is an opportunity and not a risk.

Field operations

Create win-win relationships with subcontractors where profitability is never threatened.


Anticipate and size upcoming tours without compromising your organization and human capabilities.


Work in better conditions with less stress.