Technological partners

We are constantly developing our technological expertise by working closely with market-leading partners and innovative solution providers to deliver our customers with leading-edge solutions that enable them to achieve their best performance.  

Having high-precision geolocation data and services has become a fundamental factor in the success of many organizations.

We are adamant that an innovative French technology actor such as Kardinal relies on our data to help their clients from Transportation and Logistics reduce their operational costs.

Sébastien Fraysse, Director of Enterprise & IoT at HERE Technologies

The partnership with Kardinal makes a lot of sense because it will allow our common users to derive even more value from their data

Renaud Houri, Senior Vice President EMEA of PROJECT 44

At e-Valley, everything is done to ensure that all the companies present have privileged access to the most efficient technologies. The partnership with Kardinal is part of this logic. We are convinced that the use of Kardinal’s technology will be an important lever for our customers to optimize the management of their transport operations.

David Taieb, CEO of BT IMMO GROUP

Specific Consulting

We surround ourselves with the best consulting or service companies with in-depth expertise in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain. Our solutions enable our partners to develop business opportunities and respond effectively to customers’ challenges, from needs analysis to project deployment.

Kardinal has developped a tour planning platform using data science to optimize travel time of drivers. Their approach enables excellent results. The real-time hazards handling and smart replanning of delivery that provides their platform outshines their yet impressive expertise.

As a matter of fact, the capability of their optimization engine to consider address switches, time windows changes, customer lateness, vehicles breaks or even including new orders is astounding.

This is the reason why Adameo engaged in a partnership with Kardinal : our business expertise allows our clients to define efficiently their use cases, rapidly exploiting all the added value resulting from implementing Kardinal.

Guillaume Mullier, Head of Business Development, Adameo

Publisher partners

Escher is excited to partner with Kardinal to deploy Escher’s postal-proven Last Mile Delivery apps combined with Kardinal’s powerful Route Optimization solution. This solution reduces last mile delivery costs, improves service levels, and powers a redefined consumer experience.

Brody Buhler, CEO, Escher Group

Optimizing pricing and costs in the last mile is a major challenge for parcel delivery networks. With our expertise and technology in pricing intelligence and Kardinal’s operations optimization know-how, we are confident in our ability to help our customers increase margins and network efficiency.

Daniel Rueda, CEO of Open Pricer

In the era of artificial intelligence, we needed partners with powerful optimization and scheduling algorithms to enhance our Delivery Management System (DMS) offering. The combination of our skills represents real added value for the market and for those seeking efficient means to easily and quickly manage operations related to the delivery and collection of goods.

Benoît Duchêne, Director of the Mobility Division at Hub One

We are very proud to collaborate with the most recognized player in route optimization. The challenge of route optimization has become central for our customers as they need to improve their operational efficiency, decrease their operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Pierre Guérin, Everest’s co-founder and CEO

By associating Kardinal’s algorithms to our offer, we will bring a strong added value to our customers who are in constant search of innovation in a difficult but fascinating market.

Benoît Joncquez, CEO of Dashdoc

Are you a publisher of a business solution in Transport (TMS) or Field Services and you want to enrich your solution with an optimization brick?

Our consultants support you in the integration and modeling of the use cases you wish to address. Our fully documented APIs are the essential supports for a fast and efficient integration.

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Integrator partners

We are building a network of integrator partners recognized for their expertise in the deployment of our solutions. The combined expertise of our teams guarantees our clients a rapid and successful integration of their projects.

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Other partners

I was impressed with the level of sophistication of the Kardinal algorithms.

The ability to model complex constraints and the integration of real time convinced the SAP accelerator to support Kardinal for several months on Tech, Sales and Marketing issues.

Since their participation in the program, strong links have been built in recent years with the product team and SAP sales team. We are convinced that Kardinal responds to a strong market need and that they have all the keys to make it happen.

Sébastien Gibier, Director SAP.iO Foundry Paris

We are very proud that Kardinal has been selected by Microsoft for its Environmental Startup Accelerator program, an accelerator dedicated to startups working to reduce and balance the carbon emissions of companies.

Startups receive technical and business support from Microsoft and its partners.

We are very proud that Kardinal has been selected by La Poste Group for its French IoT program, an accelerator designed to boost the development of digital services with positive impact.

This recognition highlights the value of our innovative solution and its significant impact for our customers in the last-mile transport industry.

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