Your Last Mile Delivery Optimization Platform

Kardinal is a Last Mile Delivery optimization platform designed to improve your operational performance actionable from day 1. With cutting-edge mathematics, we leverage your current processes and data to provide the decision support you need to grow your organization.

Key Benefits


Reduce your operating costs by optimizing the organization of your territory and the allocation of your resources.


Build organizations that will absorb volatile parcel volumes while maintaining tour consistency and service quality over time.


Integrate human constraints in your organization to optimize the picking, loading and delivery plan without compromising human capabilities.


Run extensive hypothesis testing and simulate alternative scenarios to prepare and adapt your organization to operational changes.


Maximize your company’s ability to negotiate by optimizing the subcontractor cost structure in order to buy transport at the right price.


Meet with your greenhouse gas reduction targets thanks to territory optimization and the resulting fuel spending reductions.

For Top Managers, Depot Managers, Subcontractors and Drivers

For Top Managers, Depot Managers, Subcontractors and Drivers

Territory Optimization

Design the optimal territory organization for a depot’s area based on historical parcel counts and considering operational constraints (route, costs, resources, capacities, time…).

Subcontractor pricing

Get precise estimates of your subcontractor’s cost structure to buy transport at the right price.

Anticipate expected deliveries in each of your sectors to better plan your routes and save cost

Fleet conversion

Visualize the impact that new vehicles would have on your operations by creating simulations to make data-driven decisions about your fleet

Real-time Route Optimization

Get the best tours for the day and re-optimize them regarding unexpected events

Depot location

Assess the costs and the impact of a new depot or sub-depot on the sectorization of your territory

Resources Anticipation

Manage the impact of fluctuations in your activity on your resource needs

In the parcel delivery industry, traditional route optimization does not work.

  Depot processes require a dispatch stage (distribution of parcels in predefined sectors) and then sequencing within each area.

 While all others deal only with sequencing, Kardinal’s platform is the first to tackle the problem of dispatch optimization, for instant benefits, while acting within your existing constraints.

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