A tool adapted to our needs: an interview with Vincent Amant, National Performance and Methods Manager at DPD France

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Kardinal supports DPD France in the digitization and optimization of its business. A leading player in the parcel delivery industry, DPD France uses Kardinal’s solution to optimize the sectorization of its delivery centers’ areas, as well as its routes.

Vincent Amant, National Performance and Methods Manager at DPD France, answered our questions about the project’s implementation.

Kardinal: Hello Vincent, can you tell us a little more about you and DPD France?

Vincent Amant: Hi, I’m Vincent Amant, National Performance and Methods Manager at DPD France, in charge of the operational performance. DPD France handles parcels under 30 kilos, which are picked up and delivered on our 5,000 daily routes.

K: How did the implementation of the Kardinal solution go?

VA: My role in the Kardinal project was to pilot the use of the tool, then roll it out across our entire network. We held a number of working groups with Kardinal and some of our depot managers to analyze and adapt the solution to our constraints. The aim was for the Kardinal teams to have a thorough understanding of our business, so that the tool would be as consistent and efficient as possible. That’s why we don’t see Kardinal as a traditional software publisher, but rather as a partner.

The pilot in 5 delivery centers enabled us to test the solution before rolling it out across the entire network in September 2022. Kardinal supported us with regional kick-offs in our branches to train and raise awareness of the solution. Subsequently, we organized additional training courses to enhance users’ skills and guarantee their effective use of the solution.

K: Who uses Kardinal and for what purposes?

VA: Today, around 150 people use Kardinal. There are two types of user:

  • operational teams, including depot managers and operations managers, who use the tool on a regular basis to challenge their organizations.
  • support teams with regional performance and process managers, who promote the approach within the delivery centers.

Kardinal’s solution covers a wide range of use cases. It enables us to optimize our organization for enhanced performance, whether with our in-house drivers or our subcontracting partners. It also enables us to provide the best possible working conditions for our drivers, by making them more comfortable. Thanks to Kardinal, we can simulate different organizational models, such as the use of electric or low-range vehicles, opening up new organizational opportunities that we hadn’t previously considered.

K: What feedback have users had on Kardinal's solution?

VA: Feedback from users has been very positive. They find the tool user-friendly, and it saves them time when compiling data. In addition, it makes it easier to recalculate sectorization and allows different options to be studied, such as the introduction of electric vehicles or the reorganization of areas operated by subcontractors.

K : What are the future projects or opportunities related to the use of Kardinal's solution at DPD France?

VA: We want to use Kardinal as a strategic management tool to optimize our routes. We aspire to have a global vision of our activities, and no longer by delivery center. By using relevant performance indicators, we can improve our overall organization. In addition, we want to explore the integration of route optimization, in order to facilitate and optimize the work of our drivers when dispatching parcels. This development marks a further step in our ongoing efforts to improve performance.